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Shared here are articles relating to the subject of the theory and practice of Context Oriented Arts.

CoArts, for short, are those arts that explore the possibility of liberation from the illusion of duality. They are arts that invite audiences to take the risk of falling awake to the miracle of being alive. They are theatre, music, dance, visual, applied and performance art that, rather than provide more content or experience to consume, challenge us to experience in the moment who the consumer or experiencer really is.

Recent Articles

by Jacquie Banks
Jan 08, 2019
By the end of this paper the reader should have an understanding of what Sensory Labyrinth Theatre is and how it is devised and realised. They should be able to gage its importance, if it has any, to the community and individuals within that community.
Nov 22, 2018Updated: Dec 11, 2018
A brief introduction to CoArts and to this first issue of the journal
Dec 07, 2018Updated: Dec 08, 2018
This research considers the potential of Sensory Labyrinth Theatre (SLT) bringing about communitas, by asking which experiential elements of this immersive theatre method contribute to its emergence.
Nov 22, 2018Updated: Dec 06, 2018
Imagine a psychopath who is also a master of suggestion and you have corporations in a nutshell. The new science of neuro-marketing is employing research on our neurocognitive vulnerabilities - how can the Theatre of the Oppressed adapt to resist this osmosis?
Nov 21, 2018
Theatre is ontologically concomitant with our illusion of separation and the suffering that arises from this is the source of all drama. The question therefore arises whether theatre might have something to do with healing us of this illusion.